U13 Regional Championships

In 2014, Basketball New Zealand (BBNZ) advised that in 2015 there would be three regional under 13 championship events (made up by two zones each) – Northern (North & Mid-North Zones), Central (Central & Capital Zones) and Southern (Mainland & Southern).  

 - U13 Northern Regional Championship

 - U13 Central Regional Championship

 - U13 Southern Regional Championship

Special Rules Applying to U13's

BBNZ Internal Regulations 2008 Volume 1 Page 32; 10.5.2:
(a) Boys will use the size-6 ball.
(b) Girls will use the size-5 ball.
(c) The use of zone defences is banned.

In 2013 the 3 point line was introduced back into the U13 National Championships.

In 2014 BBNZ introduced into the U13 National Championships, 8 minute stop clock quarters instead of 10 minute stop clock quarter.

Players that competed at the Under 15 National Championships are NOT eligible to play in the Under 13 Regional Championships as per the limitation on multiple championship participation. 

Players must be aged 10, 11, or 12 years by 31st December of the year in which the competition is held.=

Each team must supply a referee, this appointed person cannot hold a position in the team (coach, manager etc), ‘No referee no play’. Please ensure you have your referees name, email address and mobile when registering your team.

Associations are encouraged not to enter zone teams and special loan players.

Mouthguards are compulsory.