Basketball New Zealand, in conjunction with University & Tertiary Sport NZ (UTSNZ) and our member Associations will host this national championship. For any further information please email or phone (04) 4985950.

Tournament Information Page
Tournaments Calendar
Date:  September 20-22, 2019
Host:  Canterbury Basketball Association
Venue:  210-220 Pages Rd, Wainoni, Christchurch 8062
Due Date (entry & UTSNZ fees, team and player registration):  Wednesday, 14 August
Draw to be Completed:  Wednesday, 4 September (any withdrawals or changes to the venue may delay the release of the draw)

To view the full tournament calendar CLICK HERE

Tournament Team Entry Fee
Tertiary Championship Quote.pdf

Refund Policy Schedule
Please refer to the BBNZ refund policy HERE .

BBNZ Debt Policy
Participants who have a debt with BBNZ will not be able to participate in any BBNZ competitions/events until the debt is paid. It is advised that the particpant makes contact with BBNZ to discuss.

Team Entry
Registration of a team and players is through an online form.  UTSNZ affiliated members will be sent the registration link.

The process to register is through two online forms and paper form:
1. Team Registration Form:  enter your team through the online form to secure a place in the relative competition.  All compulsory details must be completed accurately.  Once the team registration form has been completed and submitted, the next process is completing the player registration form per person.
2.  Player Registration Form:  After completing the team registration form, you will received a confirmation email and a different link to enter your players into your team.

Teams finalised rosters must be confirmed by 7pm on the 13th of September.  No player changes can be made to your roster after this time (excluding player numbers and removing players).

Team and Player Eligibility
Teams that wish to participate must follow all UTSNZ eligibility criteria, the rules of FIBA, BBNZ’s Internal Regulations, Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) Policies, BBNZ’s Match Fixing Policy.

To access UTSNZ policies including the registration/participation policy and eligibility criteria CLICK HERE.

Participation Agreement

Teams must complete the UTSNZ Participation Agreement and Signee Form.  Participants are required to read the agreement and sign the form prior to attending the tournament.  The signee form must be emailed to the BBNZ Office by the schedule due date.

UTSNZ Participation Agreement 5x5 Basketball 2019 .pdf
UTSNZ Participation Agreement 5x5 Basketball 2019_SIGNEE FORM.pdf


Additional Information
- Teams are expected to be in the host city for an 8am tip off on day 1 and also, be available for a 3pm tip off on Day 3 aiming to be finished by 5:30.
- The maximum number of teams that we can accept into this tournament 8 mens and 8 womens teams.
-  BBNZ aims to distribute the draw as per the tournament calendar.  Any withdraws or changes to the venue may cause further delays.
- Team rosters can consist of no more than 12 eligible players.
- Each team must bring two alternate uniforms to the tournament. Teams shall use numbers 0 and 00 and from 1 to 99. In the event of a uniform clash Team A is to wear their light coloured uniforms and Team B is to wear their dark coloured uniforms.
- Sitting at the scorebench; Team A MUST sit to the left and Team B MUST sit to the right.
- Forfeit of Game - $500 fine.