2018 WBC Award Recipients

2018 WBC Award Recipients

This year, an awards function was held at the conclusion of the WBC finals weekend to recognise individuals, officials and teams throughout their WBC campaign.  The evening hosted 220 people.


Tier One


Grand Final

Otago Gold Rush 62 (D Goularte 22p/9r, N Visger 14/9r, S Umaga-Jensen 11/10r, D Frost 6)

Waikato Wizards 52 (C Leger-Walker 17/12r/5s, A Hirawani 11, E Bradley 11, N Lenden 5)

Game Officials

Referee Rhys Hamilton, Umpire Tayla Ammunson, Umpire Callum Welch


3rd & 4th Place

Auckland Dream 75 (N Taylor 32/10r, C Mellars 12/11r, I Purcell 6, A Buck 5/6a)

Harbour Breeze 53 (T Dalton 12, A Reed 9/9r, P Davidson 7/10r, W Ah-Hing 7)


Game Officials

Referee Toni-Lee Smith-Hunwick, Umpire Michael Graham, Umpire Mariah McCarthy-Wilson


Plate Final (5th & 6th Place)

Alloyfold Canterbury Wildcats 69 (T Boagni 26/16r, D Rose 9, C Poletti 9/7r, A Siosiua-Pepe 8)

Power Chill Waikato Country Cannons 64 (A Williams-Mackey 20, A Parai 14, D Fermanis 10, K Parai 8)


Game Officials

Referee Harry Apes, Umpire Sasha Nicholson, Umpire Shelton Harris


7th & 8th Place

Taranaki Thunder 72 (L Laborn 13, I Cook 11, S Cook 11, N Cutler 9, T Clement 9)

Tauranga City Coasters 65 (B Rogers 21, K Morrell 16, M Daysh 8/10r, T Schaeffer 8)


Game Officials

Referee Seddon Smith, Umpire Helaman Begman, Umpire Hamish Dale


All Star Five

Penina Davidson Harbour Breeze

Natalie Taylor Auckland Dream

Charlisse Leger-Walker Waikato Wizards

Nicole Ruske Otago Gold Rush

Dana Goularte Otago Gold Rush


Most Valuable Player

Dana Goularte Otago Gold Rush


Junior Player of the Year

Charlisse Leger-Walker Waikato Wizards


Coach of the Year

Todd Marshall Otago Gold Rush


Tier Two


Grand Final

North Canterbury Spirit 85 (C Whittaker 17, B Watson 17/11r, T Placid 10, C Colgan 9/7a, B Couto de Aguiar 9)

Rotorua Lady Vols 57 (A Haumaha 20, P Pene 10, K Pene 7, D Whata 7)


Game Officials

Referee Sherhon Martin, Umpire 1 Duran Whiu, Umpire 2 Brad Clive


3rd & 4th Place

Nelson Sparks 59 (J Hikuroa-Jeffrey 11, K Dohmen 8, S Jenkins 7/6a, K Jones 7, F Tilly 7)

Taitokerau Northland Phoenix 33 (K Shelford 12, T Daniels 8, L Cameron-Tana 5)


Game Officials

Referee Brad Clive, Umpire 1 Callum Welch, Umpire 2 Sherhon Martin


All Star Five

Jelena Vucinic Nelson Sparks

Aroha Haumaha Rotorua Lady Vols

Billie Watson North Canterbury Spirit

Caoimhe Colgan North Canterbury Spirit

Charlotte Whittaker North Canterbury Spirit


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