Representative Pathway

Conceptually, talented basketball athletes will move along a continuum as they progress their basketball development. The National Talent Programme (NTP) aims to account for all factors that contribute to an athletes’ experience from their early representative pathway at an association level, all the way to world class performances at an international level. It also assumes that athletes will move in and out of the NTP based on their individual development.

The programme is built around the fulfillment of the following aspirational objectives:

    • To assist and accelerate the development of an elite player base so that by 2020, New Zealand is ranked in the world’s top ten countries across all age groups
    • Provide talented athletes with tailored, measured and effective programmes that enable them to reach their potential
    • Identify proven techniques and scientific resources that will assist BBNZ in developing world class athletes
    • Increase the depth of players within our National Programmes

Going forward our focus at the junior representative level will be the Under 17 (U17) and Under 19 (U19) age groups, and to continue to make our mark in 3X3. This recognises the decision by FIBA to move New Zealand into a new FIBA qualifying zone; from 2017 Oceania will be part of the Asia qualification Zone.  The move to Asia opens up opportunities for New Zealand to qualify for the U17 and U19 World Championship events held every second year, based on a three year programme (assuming we qualify right through to World Championships) - World Championship qualification events (Oceania and Asia) and the World Championships will be the pinnacle events is where our focus will lie. Other events, such as the Australian State Championships will only be entered as preparation for these World Championship events with the exception of the U16 State Championships, which is considered the entry point for international basketball for the New Zealand talent development programme.

 Year In Cycle / Event  Individual Year of Programme Cycle / Respective NZ Age Group Team
 Year One - Oceania Qualifiers  U17 Year 1 / NZ U16  U19 Year 1 / NZ U18 
 Year Two - Asia Qualifiers  U17 Year 2 / NZ U17  U19 Year 2 / NZ U19
 Year Three - World Championships   U17 Year 3 / NZ U18  U19 Year 3 / NZ U20

Note: we are using the New Zealand definition of age to be consistent. This is one year different from FIBA e.g. we say under 18 but that translates to under 17 in Fiba terms. ** Dependent on successfully qualifying in Year two.

The following tables identifies the vent year and age group in each year. To avoid confusion we have used Basketball New Zealand age group terminology.

Beneath the national team pathway sits the  National Talent Programme Camps. These camps aim to introduce and expose participants to the national team philosophies, pathways preparation, and performance standards required at a national level. These camps act as the entry point to the overall national team programme, involving players who demonstrate the potential to reach that level. These camps will be continue to be held annually for the under 14 (new), under 15 and under 17 age groups. We intend to select these players through a nomination process from associations, observation at the relevant National or Regional Championships and also through international observation for eligible Kiwis abroad.

BBNZ believes we require greater depth to achieve our goals and consequently we need to look to widen and strengthen the talent pool. You will have noted that we have carried this theory through to the senior teams where we recently announced our intention to have ‘NZ Select’ teams each/most years to provide a means of building greater Tall Ferns and Tall Blacks depth.